Welcome to E2B Solutions!

We are a premier real estate sales and management company that offers a variety of education courses and consulting packages to help you (or your company) build your real estate and business knowledge skills.

We are one of the only real estate schools that combines a fully flexible, customizable online real estate education with direct access to an experienced real estate instructor. Read more about how our program is customized to fit your needs and schedule.

With our consulting services, we can give assistance in real estate operations from the opening of an office to assisting with your major real estate investment deals.

Why Choose Us for Your Real Estate Education?

Your Pace, Your Schedule, Your Way

You decide what fits your pace and schedule

  • watch lectures online
  • schedule live lectures with the instructor

Classes are available in a variety of delivery methods, including

  • Online videos of each instructor-lead lecture
  • Live in a classroom
  • Live at a company site
  • Live online via Skype

Interactive Instruction

You won’t be left alone with endless PowerPoint slides or a mundane duplication of a text book here.

Every course is lead by an experienced real estate professional.

Whether live or online, your education will come directly from an instructor.


Constant Access to an Instructor

Our highest priority is to support every student in his/her real estate career.

The instructor of every course will coordinate with each student’s schedule to meet via

  • e-mail
  • telephone
  • Skype
  • in-person

The instructor will

  • answer questions
  • provide support
  • offer guidance or mentoring.

Affordable Prices

Each course is reasonably priced, with payment options to fit any budget.

Are You Ready to Begin Learning?

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