The 1 Thing You Need To Do To Pass The Florida Real Estate Exam: 1 Sure-fire Way to Pass The Test

The 1 Thing You Need To Do To Pass The Florida Real Estate Exam: 1 Sure-fire Way to Pass The Test

You want to become a real estate agent right?

In your way stands a real bear, The Florida Real Estate Exam. This guy is NASTY.

50% of the people who take it the first time FAIL.

66% of the people who take it a second time FAIL….AGAIN.

We want to make sure you are part of the 50% who DON’T FAIL.

What’s the ONE THING  you can do to make this happen?

#1. BUY THE BOOK “Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law”



LET ME REPEAT THIS (I’ll give you a second to pause Netflix so you can really grasp this).


You can grab other books, study how to take the test, look at other guides, etc.  All of this can be good.  BUT, NONE of these things will be as effective as studying THIS BOOK.

So do what others have done….grab this book and start studying!


Now if you really want to kick it up a notch…don’t just get the book, but also GET AN INSTRUCTOR.  There are plenty around who are really good at what they do….we happen to have one of them ;-).

So you grabbed the book. Great! But the book has flaws

  • Boring
    • It’s about law, not exactly Harry Potter here.
  • Confusing
    • It was written by the state, what do you expect?
  • Long
    • The book is thick. 491 pages thick. If you want to read it cover to cover, be my guest, but if you have a 9 to 5, bills, a significant other, or children, ain’t nobody got time for that.

An instructor will

  • Explain what the heck you are studying
  • Answer questions QUICKLY. We’ve taught over 90 students, trust me, you will have questions.
  • Efficiently get you through the material

An instructor worth their salt will be able to point out which chapters you really need to focus on and have you feeling like a world beater by the time you’re done.


 This step is how you go super saiyan, hulk up, and destroy the exam. With our course, we include a practice exam.  This test has questions that are based on the state test and our designed to best prepare you for the exam.

Even if you don’t take our course, give yourself the best chance and BUY THESE PRACTICE EXAMS ($12 investment, $4 on kindle, to save $31.50 or more sounds like a good investment to me).  This will help you kick butt.

The tests do three things

  1. Tests Your Understanding
    1. This is the BEST way to test that you’ve actually acquired and RETAINED the material
  2. Gets You Used To How The State Asks Questions
    1. This test is written by the same group of people that produced your tax instructions and the 2000 Florida Presidential Election Ballot. These questions aren’t the clearest.
  3. Gets You Used To The Pacing Of The Test
    1. Ever take the SATs or a test in school and say “Man, I would have aced it if I had more time”? Well say that for this test and you will be paying the state another $31.50. Don’t let this happen to you. Time the tests so you are best prepared.

So get the practice tests, complete them, IN A SIMULATED ENVIRONMENT (see note).  Once you start acing the practice tests, you are READY.

So that is it.  The #1 (1b and 1c) thing you can do to prepare for the Florida Real Estate Exam.

Good Luck!

NOTE: Simulated environment does not mean take the tests while you are on Facebook, listening to Spotify, watching Game Of Thrones.  It means you time yourself like you will be timed on the state exam.  Everything is shut off and quiet so you can CONCENTRATE. Do NOT fool yourself into thinking you can multi-task and still ace this test. Let me make it simple for you. You can’t.

Again Good Luck!

Quintin From E2B Train Staff

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